About Me

After studying Theatre Design and Illustration, I worked as an Illustrator for many years.

Over time the illustrative work began to emerge as three-dimensional pieces.  Using papier-mache and mixed media, I explored folklore and legend – both local and European.

The work I create is very instinctive.  When starting, I have a vague sense of an intended outcome but I begin working on a piece and just see who emerges.  An angel, a devil, god or monster.

The sources I draw upon vary greatly but the stories, pictures, films and children’s television of my 1970s Cotswold childhood are never far away.

The materials I use are almost entirely sourced within a mile or two of my home. They are found materials that are repurposed and recycled. The paper is from the used paper recycling process, the structures are made from scrap wood and plastics such as discarded estate agents signs and, in the main, the paints and varnishes are the incorrect mixes and “mis-tints” from paint manufacturers and DIY stores.

As an artisan, I get a thrill out of creating something magical, and perhaps sacred, out of materials that can be found in skips and bins up and down the country.

Many of the pieces are sold, some are still available with prices as shown.

I am always happy to discuss specific requests and commissions.




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